To me, a car becomes a part of an individual.  You spend a lot of time in a car.

I estimate that if you drive 15,000 / year and average 40 MPH you will spend 375 hours

in your car.  That's 9.4 - 40 hour weeks of driving.

As you drive your car you get used to it.  It starts to fit you like a well worn glove. It

becomes like a member of the family.  I associate good times and bad times with

my cars.  There is always a hint of nostalgia when I part with my car.

So, I wanted to share my car experience with you.

Below you will find the cars that I have either owned or have been the principal driver.



My first car:

1961 Doge Lancer.  170 cubic inch Slant Six engine  Three speed on the floor.  This picture is the same color as mine.

I turned up the torsion rods on the front to make the front end looked jacked up.  I thought it looked cool.

I also pasted some flower power stickers on it- after all it was the 60s

Dad sold it when he gave me the 1964 Dodge Dart



1964 Dodge Dart 170 Cubic Inch Slant Six engine replaced with 225 Slant Six engine in 1971 

I bought a junk 1965 dart with the larger engine in it, rebuilt the engine and replaced the 170 original engine.

Three speed on column

Mine was powder blue.  It got a rust spot in the front fender that I patched with fiberglass patching.

I put a lift kit on the back and bigger tires.  I thought it made it look like a race car.

I blew the rear end out of it while returning to Ohio State one day.  Replaced the rear end with one from the junk yard.

I put 139,000 miles on it.  Sold it and bought the 1972 Vega



1972 Chevy Vega 4 cylinder aluminum engine. Four speed on the floor.  Had to move front seat back 4"

so I could fit into it.  Good gas mileage.

Only drove it 40,000 because I knew the engine would start burning oil soon.

Bill Bowel was working at a Firestone store so I bought four tires for it.  It was the

first set of radial tires I had ever owned.

The car was Mustard yellow just like the picture below.

Bought the 1974 Chevrolet Pick Up truck and sold the Vega to a guy who worked in Quality Control..

He bought it for his daughter.  I always felt a little guilty about selling him the car.



1974 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck.  Mine was burgundy.  350 V8 Four barrel carburetor.  4 speed on floor

4.10 to 1 rear end.  Engine revved too fast at highway speeds,  but when you floored it in second gear it would really go. 

It only got 10 miles to a gallon.

It had a locking differential.  You could not keep it on a snow covered road.

Both back wheels would spin and the truck would fish tail.

It would get stuck on two flakes of snow.

I broke all of the rear springs hauling hay.

Started rusting at 30,000 miles- Traded for 1976 Chevrolet Blazer



1976 Blazer.  Mine was blue and white.  My first four Wheel Drive.  Automatic, 350 V8, bad gas mileage

Got it stuck in snow on the way home from buying it at the car dealership- had to have tow truck come.

Drove it until it rusted so bad the driver door was going to fall off.  Sold it to Josh's babysitter's husband.

Traded on for 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo.



1984 Celebrity  Six cylinder, front wheel drive.  I had seen this car at the Detroit Auto

show and liked it's looks.  It was good on snow.  Engine always leaked oil.

Had car into shop multiple times.  They had to pull the engine out once.  Finally said it was a

"Wet engine" (in other words they could not get the oil leaks fixed)

Our car was a dark blue.

Took this car to hospital for birth of Son, Josh

Traded in on 1992 Chevrolet Lumina



1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.  350 V8.  This car would easily do 120 Miles Per hour, I know for a fact.  It had lots of power

and ran very smoothly.  It was fun to drive and very comfortable.  Electric everything.  Mine was green with a tan Landau top.

I remember when I first got it people would gather around and remark about what a nice looking car it was.

It has a prostration rear differential.  This was great when you could get traction but the car was not good on snow.

I always had problems with the balance of the wheels.  I think the molded wheels made them impossible to balance perfectly.

This is the car that I drove to the hospital for my Daughter Whitney's birth.

I bought it as a demonstrator with 16,000 miles on it and sold it when it had 140,000.  The last time I saw it was about

two years after I sold it in a demolition derby.  Painful to watch it get smashed up.



1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ceria.  Four cylinder front wheel drive.  Mine was a dark blue.  I bought the car used. 

The engine torque converter would kick in and the engine ran very slowly at highway speeds, great gas mileage. 

Good on snow.

Only had this car for about one year.  Sold it when I got a company car in 1993.



1993 Ford Taurus Station Wagon.  Mine was a dark green.  This was my first company car.  It was actually ordered by the previous

manager at my plant and I got stuck with it.  As it turned out it was a good car and I put 100,000 miles on it.

Josh started to learn how to drive in this car.

It only quit on me once with an electrical problem, on I75 on the way back to Ohio for a wedding.



1992Chevrolet Lumina.  Six cylinder front wheel drive.  I had rented Lumina's during business trips

and I liked the visibility from the driver's seat and the car had good power.  This was a sport model and

looked very flashy.  Mine was red just like this one.  It had great engine sound when you accelerated quickly.

Edith drove this car more than anyone.  Called it her little red car.  Traded it in on the 1998 Mercury Mountaineer.



  2000 Explorer traded in

2000 Ford Explorer.  This was my second company car.  I had to pull some strings to get a SUV

but my boss finally approved it because of the weather in northern Michigan.  When I left Georgia Pacific

I bought this vehicle from the company. 

This is the best vehicle I have owned so far.

 I use it to tow a large boat, sometimes as far as Quebec Canada.  The transmission has been replaced and a few other minor

repairs have occurred.

Whitney learned how to drive in this vehicle.

The Explorer finally rusted so badly (see picture on right) I was worried about safety so I had to trade in in on a 2003 Explorer. 


1992 Toyota Camry.  My car is grey.  My brother-in-law purchased this car new.  When he got a new

Infinity, he sold the car to me to be used as a kid's car.  It had about 60,000 miles on it at the time.  Josh

was very hard on it running it into the ditch once, hitting a pole once and breaking the transmission once.

When Josh went to school the car was only used during visits home and during the summer.  Finally, we bought a 1995

Explorer for Josh and the Toyota went to Whitney.  She now owns the car and is still driving it. 

It has 145,000 miles on it.



1995 Ford Explorer.  Mine was Robin Egg Blue.  We bought this vehicle used with about 60,000 miles on it.

This was Josh's car.  It was a constant mechanical nightmare.  We had to replace parts of the  front suspension,

front wheel bearings, transfer case three times, multiple electrical problems- it goes on and on.  During

his senior year Josh was T-Boned in it and it was totaled out. (Josh did not get hurt).  Like an idiot I took the

insurance money and had the vehicle repaired even though it was totaled.  The car was never right again.  Josh

used it for several years until it got to a point it was completely shot.  I loaned Josh money and he traded it in on

a VW Passat station wagen. (The VW has not been a good car- don't buy one of these)



1998 Mercury Mountaineer.  It is this color but is the "Gold Edition"

We traded in the 1992 Lumina and leased this car.  At the end of the lease

we bought the car. 

The car has been smashed into a light pole in the school parking lot, smashed into another vehicle on

a slippery road and smashed into the side of the garage.  Luckily, no one was hurt in any of the incidents.

It is a fairly good car.  The 5L V8 has lots of power and the full time four wheel drive

is excellent on slippery surfaces.  Gas mileage is OK at about 19 MPG.  The tires make a lot of noise.

My EX wife Edith just traded in this vehicle.


2009 Honda Accord EX L V-6

271-hp, 3.5-Liter, 24-Valve, SOHC i-VTEC V-6 Engine with variable Cylinder Management

Drive by wire throttle. 275 Watt stereo system with sub.  XM Radio.

Plus all of the high tech stuff you would expect from Honda.

So far this is the best car I have had.  Powerful, smooth, comfortable, 23 MPG around town.


More pictures of the Honda:




2003 Ford Explorer 

2003 Ford Explorer

I found this Explorer at Donley's Ford in Mount Vernon.  It had 114,000 miles on it but it has absolutely no rust.

I was told it was owned by a Sheriff department and then by the Sheriff himself.  It must have been well taken care of.

The only odd thing is the stearing wheel has the cover worn off at the top- like someone had very rough hands and held the wheel at the top.

I paid $6,000 for it which was way less than other SUVs with similar miles.  I think people did not want it because

it has a V8 in it.

So far this has been a great SUV.  My EX wife Pat got it in the divorce.



2015 Ford Explorer Sport

Looks like a cop car and runs like one.  365 HP, 6 speed transmission, full time 4 wheel drive.

I have a couple of issues with rear axle bearings, rear seat indicator and some recalls, but it's still a great

vehicle.  I hope it lasts as long at my 2000 Explorer.

Yes, I was in Florida when I took the pictures.

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